I.                  League Structure and General Provisions


A.    The purpose of The World League of Simulated Baseball (WLSB) is to offer an entertainment opportunity to members in good standing to act in the capacity of general manager of a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise from either the American or National Leagues competing through Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software.  If Diamond Mind Baseball chooses not to publish updated projection disks for any given year, the Executive Committee shall designate a 3rd party replacement source for that year’s projections.


B.     The WLSB was formed between the 2005 and 2006 MLB seasons with the initial members being assigned franchises via a lottery. General Managers inherited the rosters for their respective teams, as they existed at the end of the 2005 MLB season, and were given the full minor league system for said franchise from which to form, in total or in part, the sim- league teams reserve roster.


C.    The WLSB shall be maintained in accordance with the provisions set forth in these bylaws and rules.


D.    The membership of WLSB shall consist of a number of members in good standing equal to the number of MLB franchises. Each WLSB team shall have one member designated as franchise general manager.

i.                    Members in good standing have the option of designating one or more additional persons as co- general managers, or assistant general managers, but any responsibility inherent with WLSB membership shall remain with the designated general manager.

1.      The Co-GM may make line-up and depth chart changes.  They may discuss any other function that a GM has, with that GM, but are NOT permitted to sign free agents, post trades, or place/claim waiver players.

ii.                  Good standing as it relates to membership shall be defined as a GM not on probation as well as lack of financial debt to WLSB.

iii.                Any existing GM may be given a warning and placed on probation for 1 year by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee (EC) if it is deemed that due to neglect or poor decisions the long term future of the franchise is at risk.

iv.                All new members to the league will be initially placed on probation for 1 year.

v.                  While on probation:

1.      The EC will scrutinize all transactions made by the GM

2.      If at any point the EC believes that the GM is either neglecting or making moves to the long term detriment of the team, the GM may be immediately removed, with the team being run by the EC until a suitable replacement is found.


E.     Upon joining WLSB, each member shall make payment in an amount set by the league, and shall not be expected to make supplemental payments unless additional funds are necessary for league operation. In the event that additional monies are necessary for league operation, the contribution required by each member toward that amount shall be equitable, and shall be made with cash or check with no "in-kind" credit granted to members based upon labor or other contributions to the league.  As of right now, no payment is required to join or participate in WLSB.


F.     The league shall seek to maintain a waiting list of potential members to fill any vacancy created by the departure of an existing member. Departing members shall not receive financial or other considerations from replacement members in exchange for the opportunity to participate in WLSB.


G.    In the event that MLB contracts one or more teams, displaced WLSB members will be given first option to fill any GM vacancies.


H.    All provisions of these bylaws and rules shall be enforced by the league Executive Committee (EC), as required and/or deemed necessary and appropriate. The EC shall consist of:

1.      The league Commissioner Brian MacMillan and,

2.      Six (5) other GMs in good standing determined by the Commissioner to have sufficient expertise and time to dedicate to the league.


I.       Each WLSB teams name, ballpark, geographic location, and designation as an American League or National League franchise shall remain identical to the same of said teams MLB counterpart.


J.      Each WLSB teams schedule for a given season shall be remain identical to the same of said teams MLB counterpart with the exception that no WLSB games shall be rescheduled due to inclement weather or other external reasons and shall be played as originally scheduled by MLB.


K.    Each WLSB team will have a specified payroll limit for players, or individualized salary cap, for each season.

i.                    Payrolls for each season are set by the EC at the end of the prior season and are based on team success from the previous year.

ii.                  Teams shall be at, or below their payroll limitation (Hard CAP) at all times. Failure to comply with this rule can result in forfeiture of one or more player contracts until an adequate amount of money is pared from the effected teams payroll to be compliant with the specified individual team salary cap.

1.      In the event that player contracts must be forfeited, the EC shall opt to either:

a.      Select a pool of players contracts from which the effected teams general manager can chose from in order to become compliant with the specified payroll limit; OR

b.      Nullify any individual, or any combination of said contracts with, or without consultation from the effected teams general manager.

2.      Any player whos contract is nullified in an effort to comply with the salary cap shall immediately become a free agent, and thereby eligible to be signed to a contract by any WLSB team.


L.     The EC reserves the right to void any trade if the trade would result in any effected team to fail to remain under the teams Hard CAP. This includes trades involving players or cash for draft picks.


M.   At no time teams exceed their pre-set spending limit (Hard Cap).


N.    Revenue sharing will be a feature of the WLSB financial model.


O.    The WLSB shall use a 100% Luxury Tax system for each payroll dollar over $150,000,000.


i.                    The Luxury Tax threshold will be initially set at $170,000,000 for the 2006 season.

ii.                  In 2007 the threshold will drop to $160,000,000.

iii.                The Luxury Tax threshold will be lowered to its permanent level of $150,000,000 for 2008 and beyond.


P.     Revenue Savings will be a feature of the WLSB financial model.

     i.                  All teams will be allowed to carry a portion of any unspent    revenues to the following season. Teams will be allowed to carry over up to $1 million plus 20% of any remaining unspent revenue. All debt will be fully carried over to the next season.

ii.                Any money carried over will not affect the teams Base Revenue, but will increase the amount of money teams can spend before incurring debt.

iii.                At no point will carried over money allow a team to spend over its pre-determined Hard Cap.

iv.                At no point will carried over money allow a team to spend over its pre-determined Hard Cap.


Q.    Any WLSB general manager in good standing shall be able to propose an amendment or modification of the league bylaws and rules to the EC.


i.                    Situations or issues not resolved through adherence to the bylaws and rules shall be resolved by the WLSB EC on an as needed basis.


ii.                  A playoff shall occur upon the completion of the sim-season based on the same rules used for MLB, with the exception that the League Championship and World Series shall use the 2-2-1-1-1 scheduling format & home field advantage shall be determined by the team with the best regular season record.



II.               WLSB Team Rules


A.    Each WLSB team shall be allowed a franchise roster that shall not exceed a total of sixty (65) players. The franchise roster shall consist of an active roster (25) and a reserve roster (40).


B.     During the regular season each team shall be limited to and must maintain an active roster of twenty-five (25) players at any given time.

i.                    All players not designated, as members of a teams active roster shall comprise said teams reserve roster.

ii.                  The total number of players on each teams reserve roster shall not exceed 40 players.

1.      Minor league players YOS clock will start regardless if they have been on the major league roster at age 25

2.      Players with 4 YOS or more must clear waivers before being placed on the reserve roster.

a.      Players with V or LTC status who do not appear on the projection disk do not need to clear waivers to be assigned to the reserve roster. However they will count again the active roster payroll.

b.      Players with a no-trade clause may not be placed on trade waivers. 

iii.                Rosters will NOT expand to 40 men on September 1, as MLB uses this tool to see how a player will perform at the Major League level, while we are using the simulation projections which will change on the following seasons disk.

iv.                Any roster below the active limit size of 25 shall be charged a veteran minimum contract for each empty active roster spot.


C.    Only the collective amount of player salaries for players on a teams active roster shall be considered when determining the amount to be measured against said teams individual payroll limitation, with the following exceptions:

i.                    The salary for any player on the reserve roster with four (4) through six (6) years of service (YOS) since initially meeting the leagues determining factors for qualifying MLB service who has not been released by said team prior to the leagues deadline for such a personnel action;

ii.                  The salary for any acquired free agent, or player with "full contract status" (more than six years of qualifying MLB level service) acquired by other means, but not placed on the teams active roster;

iii.                The salary for any full contract status player the team has waived, but that no other team claims during the period of time which would require the second team to assume responsibility for the waived players salary;

iv.                If a player with less than four (4) years of WLSB designated MLB service is promoted from the reserve roster to replace an injured member of the active roster, during the period of the injury, both salaries shall be considered as measures against the salary cap.

v.                  All players on the teams reserve roster with a multi- year contract (V or LTC) shall have salaries counting against payroll.


D.    Only players contained on the DMB projection disk can be used on 25-man roster.


E.     Each general manager shall provide the WLSB with preferences of managerial tendencies in a series of categories provided by the EC.

i.                    If a general manager fails to provide preferred managerial tendencies, the Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software default settings shall be assigned;

ii.                  These settings will be set at the beginning of the season and may only be changed;

1.      During the week of the All Star game,

2.      In the event of a GM change,

3.      During the final 4 weeks of the season (for teams in contention only),

4.      Settings will be allowed to change at the beginning of each series in the Post-season.


F.     During the regular season teams shall have the opportunity to set batting line-ups and make general roster moves on a weekly basis, including adjustments made necessary to accommodate for player injuries.


G.    Post-season rosters can be comprised of any 25 players from the teams 65 man roster provided that each player selected was on the teams 25 man active roster for at least one day prior to September 1.

i.                    The number of pitchers versus position players on the active roster on September 1 shall be equal to the same number of player in those categories for the teams post-season roster.

ii.                  If a player who is eligible for the post season roster is injured for a time longer than the scheduled end of the playoffs, he may be replaced with any player from the teams 65 man roster, regardless of whether or not the replacement player was on the 25 man active roster prior to the September 1 deadline.

iii.                Each team may announce one player as their “emergency catcher” during the postseason.  Only one emergency catcher is allowed per team, and he may only play if all the team’s other catchers are currently injured.

1.      This player must be an infielder, and will be given a default catcher’s grade of poor (PR).

2.      Exception- If the player has previous catching experience at the major or minor league levels (college and high school don’t count), the GM MUST provide proof.  If it is verified, that player will be given a default grade of fair (FR) instead of poor.


III.            Qualifying Player Service Time


A.     All players who have not yet reached Veteran status will have a year of service (YOS) that corresponds to their length of time in the league;

                                                              i.      xxx = The player has no service time.

                                                            ii.      1 = The player appeared on the active roster at least one day in a previous season or age 25

                                                          iii.      2 = The player has completed 1 full season and is in his 2nd or age 26

                                                          iv.      3 = The player has completed 2 full seasons and is in his 3rd or age 27

                                                            v.      4 = The player has completed 3 full seasons and is in his 4th or age 28

                                                          vi.      5 = The player has completed 4 full seasons and is in his 5th or age 29

                                                        vii.      6 = The player has completed 5 full seasons and is in his 6th and final year before entering Free Agency or age 30


B.     All players enter WLSB as rookies with a YOS of xxx. If a player is on the active roster of a team and records less than: 125 AB for batters, or 35 IP for pitchers (total accrued), his YOS will increase to 1 to denote that he was on the active roster, but did not play a full season. If the player who entered the year with a YOS of xxx exceeds these limits he will be considered to have spent his first full season in the major leagues and will go to a YOS of 2 the following season. For every year that a player with a YOS of 1 or higher is on the active roster of a team for at least 1 day he will accrue a full YOS.


C.     All service time was calculated for all players entering the 2006 sim-season, the inaugural season for the WLSB, and is non-negotiable. Individual player service time for subsequent seasons shall be based on active player status occurring during and after the 2006 WLSB season.


IV.             Player Salaries


A.    All players with YOS of xxx shall have a salary of $490,000 which will be the league minimum for rookies. This minimum shall be reviewed each off-season by the EC and adjusted accordingly.


B.     All players going from xxx to 1 YOS shall receive automatic 10% raises.


C.    For the purpose of player raises for non-free agents, players shall be divided into the following positional groups: Starting pitcher, relief pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, & outfield.  The position at which a player spent the majority of the sim season will determine his positional group.


 D.    For second and third-year players, the top 25% of each positional group (as determined by the EC) shall receive automatic 20% raises (1-year contract), the next 25% shall receive 15% raises, the following 25% shall receive 10% raises, and the bottom 25% shall receive 5% raises.


E.     Arbitration eligible players: Players entering their 4th, 5th, or 6th seasons are arbitration eligible (AE).

i.                    The EC shall statistically compare each player entering his 6th year with veterans in his same positional group.  The two position players with the statistical totals closest to his are earmarked for comparison purposes.  The annual salary for the player shall equal 85% of the average of the two annual salaries that are given to the earmarked players.

ii.                  The EC shall statistically compare each player entering his 5th year with veterans and players entering their 6th year in his same positional group.  The two position players with the statistical totals closest to his are earmarked for comparison purposes.  The annual salary for the player shall equal 85% of the average of the two annual salaries that are given to the earmarked players.

iii.                The EC shall statistically compare each player entering his 4th year with players entering their 5th and 6th years in his same positional group.  The two position players with the statistical totals closest to his are earmarked for comparison purposes.  The annual salary for the player shall equal the average of the two annual salaries that are given to the earmarked players.

iv.                The maximum pay increase for players shall be 200% of their previous   year’s salary.  The minimum pay increase shall be 5% of their previous year’s salary.

F.     The rankings for 2nd-year, 3rd-year, and AE players shall be conducted by the EC, using statistical measures, and shall be non-negotiable. The rankings shall be based upon statistics generated from the Diamond Mind Baseball simulation, and may not reflect actual MLB production of said player.


G.    Long Term Contracts (LTC) will be a feature of the WLSB.

i.                    Players eligible for LTC will be any players entering their 4th, 5th, or 6th YOS.

ii.                  Each off-season teams will be allowed to submit to the EC a list of names (unlimited) of players from their team for LTC negotiations.  However, each team may only accept the terms for three (3) players per every two off-seasons.

iii.                Each team will be allowed no more than five (5) LTC players on their roster at any given time.

iv.                The date for submitting names of players for LTC consideration will be set each off-season by the EC, on or around the same date as arbitration decisions are due.

v.                  The length of a LTC shall be:

1. 2 or 3 years for players in YOS 6

2. 2, 3, or 4 years for players in YOS 5

3. 3 or 4 years for players in YOS 4


vi.                The salary component of an LTC shall be a 45% increase of:

1. For players in YOS 6, 110% of the arbitration salary, with a 10% increase of that for the 3rd year

2.      For players in YOS 5, 90% of the average of two veteran players with similar value at the same position shall be the value for 4 years, with a 10% decrease as the years of the contract decrease

3. For players in YOS 4, 80% of the average of two veteran players with similar value at the same position should be the value for 4 years, with a 10% decrease for a 3 year contract.

vii.              After the EC has calculated the LTC offers for all teams they will be presented to the GM’s on a date before the beginning of free agency.

viii.            GM’s will have a set period of time in which to either accept or decline LTC demands before the beginning of FA, any demands not accepted or declined will be automatically declined.

ix.                Players signed to LTC’s have the same 1 year “no trade” clause.

x.                  Once a player’s contract expires who was signed to a LTC, he will be granted Veteran (V) status in the league.


H.    The above rules governing Player Salaries are subject to EC review each off-season, for minor tweaking to ensure a realistic salary structure.


I.       Unless otherwise designated in an official trade, prorated salaries for a traded player away will be as follows: 

Weeks 1-2: sending team 0/6, receiving team 6/6
Weeks 3-6: sending 1/6, receiving 5/6
weeks 7-10: sending 2/6, receiving 4/6
weeks 11-15: sending 3/6, receiving 3/6
weeks 16-19: sending 4/6, receiving 2/6
weeks 20-23: sending 5/6, receiving 1/6
weeks 24-26: sending 6/6, receiving 0/6


V.               Contract Refusal


A.    Since contracts for non- free agents are formulaic and automatic, teams have the option of refusing any contract for players xxx through 6 YOS.

i.                    Any player entering his xxx, 1st, 2nd or 3rd YOS that has his contract refused shall be placed on waivers.

ii.                  Any player entering his 4th, 5th or 6th YOS that has his contract refused shall become a free agent.

iii.                Each off-season a deadline will be given by which the YOS increases (and any contract option years) must be accepted or declined by.

1.      In the event that a GM does not notify the league of his intentions by said date, all options and YOS increases will be accepted by default.

2.      If a GM declares that he has accepted or declined an option or YOS increase (even if the declaration comes before the deadline), the declaration is binding and cannot be reversed.


VI.            The Waiver Process


A.    Any player, regardless of service time, may be waived. The cash value and the length of any contract already in place shall be binding between the waived player and the team making a waiver claim.


B.     If the EC receives more than one waiver claim for any individual player, a provisional waiver award shall be made based on:

i.                    The team with the lowest winning percentage in the waiving team’s League from the previous period.  If no team from the waiving team’s League claims the player, then the team with the lowest winning percentage in the opposite League from the previous period.

1.      From the final day of the regular season through the final day of the first full calendar month of the following season, the winning percentage during the most recent full season shall be used to create priority designation for waiver claims;

2.      After the final day of the first full calendar month of a season, the winning percentage at the time when a player is waived shall be used to create priority designation for waiver claims.

ii.                  In the event of identical records by two or more claiming teams from within the same League, the waiver priority of those teams shall be determined by the prior year’s winning percentage. 


C.    Claims for players waived during the season, shall be made by teams within a 48 hour period from the point the league notifies members of any player(s) being placed on waivers. The EC shall award the player to a claiming team based on the priority criteria.


D.    Trade waivers will be allowed starting on the simulation week which includes games to be played on August 1.  Players with a no trade clause may not be placed on trade waivers.


i.                    If the EC receives a trade waiver claim from any team, a notice of pending action shall be issued to the original team which waived said player. The original team shall have 48 hours from the time when such notice is issued to withdraw the player from waivers. If no such withdrawal is made, the player shall be awarded on a non-provisional basis to the highest claiming team based on the priority criteria.


E.     If a team withdraws a player from trade waivers all terms of the contract remain in effect, once a player is withdrawn from trade waivers once in a season, if the same player is placed on trade waivers a second time the same season the waivers are non-revocable and the player may not be withdrawn.


F.     Any player clearing waivers shall become free agents with full financial responsibility for the balance of the contract remaining with the original team, regardless if the player is signed to a contract at a later date by another team.


G.    If the claiming team does not have the necessary cap space to cover the players remaining salary, the waiver claim will be null and void.


 VII.        Free Agency


A.    Free agents shall be defined as any player:

i.                    Who has completed his 6th year of WLSB service;

ii.                  Whose long-term contract extension (LTC) has expired

iii.                Whose contract signed as a free agent has expired, where the team does not hold an option to extend the contract or where the team declines to exercise such an option

iv.                Whose arbitration demands (4th-6th year) are not accepted

v.                  Who has been released from a WLSB roster & is not eligible for the waiver draft.

vi.                Any player who meets all of the following criteria:

1.   Unaffiliated with a WLSB team 25 man or reserve roster;

2.   Has more than 125 career at bats or 35 career innings pitched in MLB (total accrued); and

3.   Designated as a free agent by the Executive Committee.  (Each year the Executive Committee shall establish a period of time prior to the off-season free-agent signing period during which any WLSB general manager may nominate players satisfying the above criteria for inclusion as free agents). After this period deadline has passed, free agents may no longer be added or signed for the current season.


B.     All bids for free agents shall be submitted as blind bids from interested teams to the EC with those bids valued through use of an evaluation spreadsheet.

i.                    The EC shall provide the entire league membership with a copy of the spreadsheet, which contains the formula and may be used to determine the total value of the contract offer prior to bid submission. Members are strongly encouraged to use this spreadsheet in determining the value of their bid proposals.

ii.                  Player age is factored into the WLSB free agent bid formula:

1.      Contract value for players over the age of 30 are weighted to slightly favor longer contract periods;

2.      Contract value for players under the age of 30 are weighted to slightly favor higher salaries;

3.      The age of players shall be based solely on the year of birth, with no consideration whether a player was born in March versus November of that year. For the purposes of WLSB free agent age determination, all players were born on January 1.


C.    Free agent contract bids must include the number of years, salary per year, and, if desired by the bidding team, a one year team option.

i.                    The value of free agent contracts shall be of a fixed cash value from one season to the next, and may not feature an escalating or descending sliding scale.

ii.                  Free agent bids with a one- year option are considered to hold less value than a bid for the same amount of money over the same set number of years that does not include the team option for renewal.


D.    Free Agent contract restrictions.

i.                    There shall be a maximum length of 5 years with a team option or 6 years with out a team option, for any free agent contract offered.

ii.                  There shall be a minimum salary requirement for all Veteran Free Agent contracts based on the number of years offered in the contract;

1.       1 year no option minimum salary shall be $850,000

2.       1 year with option or 2 year no option minimum salary shall be $1,000,000 per season

3.       2 year with option or 3 year no option minimum salary shall be $1,250,000 per season

4.       3 year with option or 4 year no option minimum salary shall be $2,500,000 per season

5.       4 year with option or 5 year no option minimum salary shall be $3,500,000 per season

6.       5 year with option or 6 year no option minimum salary shall be $5,000,000 per season

iii.                The EC will review these restrictions on an annual basis during the off-season.


E.     All free agents shall occupy a single pool to receive bids from each day (Monday – Friday).  The bidding process shall be as follows:


i.                    Each team is allowed two blind bids on any free agent players for the initial day and starting on day two of free agency, up to three bids may be submitted per day, with a maximum of two bids being spent on the category of open free agents (those not previously receiving valid bids) or counter bids on those free agents who have not signed with a team but have previously received valid bids.

ii.                  The following bid submission day the league will be notified of the highest valued bids for each player, and each league member shall have the option to expend their daily two-bid allowance upon free agents yet to receive a contract offer, OR raise the contract value of bids made the on the prior day.

1.       If a contract offer of higher value is not made on the day after a bid was determined to have the highest value of a given day the offer will be considered to have been accepted and the free agent signs the contract.

2.       If a contract offer of higher value is made the following day the two league members with the highest valued contract & the home team of that free agent enter a bid war. Bid wars Monday to Friday have he 24 hour rule where GMs have 24 hours to best the current winning bid. If that is not done the high bid team wins that player.

3.       Participation in a bidding wars between teams shall not restrict either WLSB GMs from making a bid for another player on that day in which the bidding war occurs unless that team has exceeded their hard CAP.

4.   Home Town (HT) team has once per bid war has matching right to meet/ offer the same bid. The other teams in the bid war must now beat the matched offer.

5.    Bid wars running from Friday to Monday can continue but 72 hours after the final bid on Friday was posted that would be the end of the bid war. 

iv.                The free agent signing period shall continue for a specified amount of time (determined annually by the EC), or until all teams pass on bidding for remaining available free agents.


F.     Free agents signed for the minimum veteran free agent salary may only be signed to a maximum of one year with no option.

                        1. One (1) year deals regardless of the salary will not be eligible for a compensation pick.


G.    All contracts awarded to free agents are guaranteed, and are counted against a teams payroll. If a player retires, goes over seas, or for whatever reason is no longer included in the Diamond Mind Baseball simulation software projection disk, that players salary shall continue to be counted against the teams payroll until that point when the contract has expired.


H.    Contract Insurance

i.                    In the event that a player signed to a free agent contract in the off-season abruptly retires, goes overseas, or is (for whatever reason) removed from the projection disk before playing a game for the signing team, said player shall be considered in breech of contract and the contract shall become null and void.

ii.                  In the event that a player signed to a guaranteed contract is forced to retire early due to injury the team with which said player is signed will be allowed to cut the annual salary for said player by 50% for the remainder of the contract length. If the player still receives a projection they will still be consider an active player and contract insurance does not apply.


1.       The EC will rule on a player by player basis as to whether the retirement was a direct result of a severe injury, age or other factors.

2.       The team with which said player is signed with will be given the option of keeping said player on their payroll at 50% of contract value for the remaining length of the contract, or exercising a contract buyout of the remaining years (cap room permitting). The buyout option will exist every off-season until the contact has expired (no buyouts will be allowed during the season).

3.       In the event that a player who has retired due to injury is able to make a comeback (and subsequently re-added to the projection disk), and has not been bought out by the team holding his contract, his original contract value will be re-instated for the duration of the contract length.


I.       Players with contracts in place before the start of WLSB shall be held to said contracts, regardless of any contradiction with any WLSB rule. Once that players contract is complete, he will then be subject to WLSB rules regarding arbitration and free agency.


J.      Veterans and players signed as free agents may be assigned to the reserve roster, but their salaries shall be considered as includable payroll to be measured against the teams designated individual payroll limitation.


K.    Free agents signed to multi-year contracts in the off season can NOT be traded at any time during the first (1st) year of the new contract (one year contracts with a team option are considered multi-year contracts for this purpose).  Players signed to one-year contracts without a team option may not be traded until after the simulation season has passed June 1.


L.     Any players not signed during the free agent process will remain free agents until such time they are signed by a WLSB team.

i.                    Any player signed after the official end of the free agency period shall be signed to a 1 year league minimum contract with no option on a first come, first served basis.


M.  Any team can buyout the remaining years on a player contract if they have the CAP space to do so. This can only be done ONCE per season.


VIII.     Trades


A.    Trades may occur at any time from the end of the World Series (or subsequent date as established by the EC) to the trading deadline (July 31).


B.     Players traded between August 1 and August 31 must have cleared the waiver process prior to being traded.

i.                    If a player is claimed during the waiver process the waiving team may agree to a trade with the highest priority claiming team, providing all players involved in the trade have either cleared waivers or have no service time.


C.    No trades may occur during that period between August 31 and the end of the World Series.


D.    Trades may involve players, portions of player salaries or picks for the upcoming WLSB draft (Max 2 years in advance).


i.                    The Trading of draft picks is allowed with the following restrictions:

1.      Each team must use a 1st round or 2nd round selection as well as two other transferable pick in any given season.

2.    Must not exceed more then 3 extra picks from your base team amount excluding compensation picks.

3.      Any supplemental picks awarded for the loss of Free Agents are non-transferable, and do NOT count towards the CAP of draft pick requirement rules.

4.      Draft picks may be bought or sold (as long as it leaves teams the selling team within compliance of the selection rules) with the following restrictions:

a.       No 1st round draft pick shall be sold for more than $10,000,000

b.      No 2nd round draft pick shall be sold for more than $8,000,000

c.       No 3rd round draft pick shall be sold for more than $7,000,000

d.      No 4th round draft pick shall be sold for more than $6,000,000

e.       No 5th round draft picks shall be sold for more than $5,000,000

f.    No 6th round draft picks shall be sold for more than 4,000,000

g.   No 7th round draft picks shall be sold for more than 3,000,000

h.   No 8th round draft picks shall be sold for more than 2,000,000


ii.                  Cash is not a tradable commodity unless being used to purchase draft picks.

iii.                At no time will trades involving future considerations or a player to be named later be processed.

iv.                In the event that a portion of a players salary is to be traded the amount to be paid by the trading team will be left on their payroll, and the player will be traded to the new team with a reduced salary.


E.     All trades are subject to a 48 hour EC review before being processed by the league office. This means they may NOT be processed immediately. Any trade receiving more then 2 requests for reviews will be handed over to the TC to determine if the trade shall be processed or voided. The TC will require 48 hours to come to a result.


IX.            Draft of Unaffiliated Players


A.    An eight (8) round draft of eligible unaffiliated players shall occur in the WLSB off-season, this will allow WLSB GMs a chance to see how recently drafted players adapt to pro ball, as well as maintain interest in a normally dead time in the league.  Beginning in the 2019 draft, the WLSB amateur draft will expand to 8 rounds.

i.                    Eligible players for the WLSB draft of unaffiliated players shall be limited to:

1.       All amateurs eligible for the MLB draft of the current season.

2.       Any professional player under contract with an MLB-   affiliated franchise or independent franchise, but never having been on a WLSB roster and not declared a WLSB free agent.

3.      Any current MLB player with less than 125 AB or 35 IP accrued during their major league service not counting the current draft year.  This is over their entire career, and not any single season.

i.                    Players eligible for free agency and not under contract with any WLSB team are not eligible for the draft of unaffiliated players.

1.      A list of all ineligible players will be provided prior to the start of the draft.

a.      In the event that a player is left off the ineligible list, the EC will immediately request that the team make another selection and add said player to the ineligible list.


B.     The order in which teams shall select players in the draft of unaffiliated players will be in reverse order of the previous WLSB season final won-loss record except the bottom 5 teams. In the event of identical records by two or more teams the order of those teams shall be determined by the final standings of the involved franchises the season prior.


C.   The bottom 5 teams shall be entered into a random draft lottery to determine the draft order. This lotto shall be weighted to give the worst Win / Loss record with the best chance of retaining the #1 selection.


D.     The draft will start on a date determined annually by the EC and run Monday through Saturday until all picks have been made.  All picks shall be submitted by a deadline time determined by the EC prior to the draft every year.


D.    If a team fails or passes on the opportunity to make a draft pick said team will be skipped until such time:

i.                    The skipped team submits a pick at any time prior to the end of the draft, but any players selected before the pick is made will be ineligible for said team to draft.

ii.                  If skipped picks are not submitted by 24 hours after the final pick of the draft will become forfeited.

iii.        Any skipped picks become untradeable and must be used by that team prior to the end of the draft.


E.     If a team failed to resign a free agent that had been a member of their team on the final day of the prior season, regardless of effort, said team shall be entitled to a "compensatory pick" between rounds of draft of unaffiliated players.

i.                    The rules governing eligible players for the draft of unaffiliated players, and the selection order of teams qualifying for compensatory picks shall be uniform with those governing the regular rounds of said draft.

ii.                  Compensatory picks shall be at the end of the first round & second round

iii.                The order of the compensatory picks shall be determined by the player’s value above his positions median value as determined by the EC.


F.  Each team will be required to use at least 3 draft picks per season. One of those 3 draft picks must be a 1st or 2nd round pick. Compensatory picks to not count towards these requirements.


G. Teams cannot have more then 3 extra picks any given season on top of their base amounts. In 2019 teams have 8 draft picks and you would be able to have up to 11 picks that year NOT counting any compensatory picks.